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Karma Air
Don’t Let Those Straight A Grades Give You a Hunched C Posture

Self adjusting seat cushion works hard to help you study smart

You’re feeding your mind, but chances are, you’re not minding your back when you study.

The longer you sit, the more your back hunches over into a C posture, and the more pressure on your spine.

Save your sitting posture with Karma Air.

Karma Air delivers instant relief for sitting discomfort:

More support for your seated studying posture

Less back pressure to sit longer and focus better

Study anywhere with this light portable cushion

Sit at any angle with support that adjusts to you

Don’t just study hard – study smart with Karma Air.

Karma Air self adjusting cushion:

Inflates in seconds with Air Valve System Technology

Conforms to your personal comfort with a simple twist

Comes in 2 sizes and 3 colors – all for the same price

Awesome microfiber for daily use and easy cleaning

‘Straight A’ comfort is a click away.


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Chronic Back Pain

  1. Bone alignment – this supports good circulation of blood and essential nutrients to the brain.
  2. Healthy breathing – it’s easier to learn when you’re in a state of calm.
  3. Proper digestion – a healthy body assists a healthy mind.
  4. The spine – relieving pressure on the spine (the primary neural pathway) helps efficient transfer of information to the brain.

The New York Company Behind Karma Air

YJB Enterprises brings you 25 years of collective experience in manufacturing unique, innovative and durable retail products for daily use. The YJB Enterprises team is on a mission of inspiring people to take action to improve their daily comfort levels and experience a better quality of life.

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