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Karma Air
Drivers Are Raving About This Self Adjusting Seat Cushion

Takes your driving seat from pressure cooker to comfort oasis in seconds

You know it better than anyone because you feel it in your bones – that whole-body vibration and postural stress of driving all day.

While you’re watching the road, who’s watching your back?

The answer: Karma Air Self Adjusting Cushion, the driving back pain relief drivers swear by.

Experience instant relief with Karma Air.

Reduces friction and pressure on your spine

Cradles your lower back at any sitting angle

Conforms to your personal comfort level

Takes the edge off of long-distance driving

Your driver’s seat is your office chair. Make it comfy with Karma Air.

Act now to get the seat cushion drivers swear by.

Karma Air is the let’s-get-real driving seat cushion made for heavy-duty use:

Available in large size to fit any truck or car seat

Adjusts to any body shape or weight at any sitting angle

Relieves point-of-contact pressure and discomfort

Makes your seat bottom depth customizable


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Chronic Back Pain

What Science Says About Driving Back Pain

Poor body posture, inadequate seat support and back muscle fatigue can lead to disorders of the spine in drivers. Several studies have shown that long-term whole-body vibration from engines and vehicles is a mechanical stress factor that can contribute to early and accelerated degenerative spine diseases, leading to back pain and prolapsed discs.

The New York Company Behind Karma Air

YJB Enterprises brings you 25 years of collective experience in manufacturing unique, innovative and durable retail products for daily use. The YJB Enterprises team is on a mission of inspiring people to take action to improve their daily comfort levels and experience a better quality of life.

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