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Karma Air
Calm the Monster in Your Back So You Can Stay in Your Seat

This self adjusting cushion gives your back real sitting relief

You don’t need us to tell you about back pain – you probably wrote the book.

But you do need a sensible form of back support that puts less pressure on your spine while you sit.

You’ve tried all the useless gimmicks and gadgets – spent a lot of money – now you’re ready for the real deal.

Buy Karma Air to quiet that sitting pain.

Provides customizable seating at any angle

Reduces pressure on your spine and tailbone

Helps ease sitting backache, discomfort and numbness

Perfect for use at home, work and travel

Soothe your back as you sit with Karma Air.

Powered by self-inflating Valve System Technology

Adjusts to your comfort level with a simple twist

Light and portable so it can go anywhere you do

Practical microfiber for indoor/outdoor use and easy cleaning

Yes, I want real sitting relief.

Buy Karma Air

Chronic Back Pain

Support for Chronic Back Pain

How you sit may impact your chronic back pain. A self-inflatable cushion makes your seat depth adjustable and can provide the right balance of seat comfort and support needed to avoid prolonged sitting discomfort and back pain.

The New York Company Behind Karma Air

YJB Enterprises brings you 25 years of collective experience in manufacturing unique, innovative and durable retail products for daily use. The YJB Enterprises team is on a mission of inspiring people to take action to improve their daily comfort levels and experience a better quality of life.

Karma Air Cusihon

Karma Air Cushion Standard