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Why Use Karma Air?

“Sitting is the smoking of our generation.”

~Niofer Merchant


Do you suffer from lower back pain due to countless hours spent in a sitting position? Did you know that the pain being experienced during sitting can actually damage your organs, muscles and spine? Did you know that low productivity, inability to concentrate and bad posture due to back pain are not a life sentence?

Lower back pain relief is easy when you use the Karma Air Cushion.


The Karma Air Cushion is lightweight and can be used in any environment. The cutting-edge VST (valve-system-technology) of the Karma Air Cushion lets you control the shape of the cushion by allowing air to slowly release, conforming the cushion to your body, and instantly creating the comfortable seating surface you deserve. Goodbye lower back pain and seating discomfort, and hello Karma Air.


Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Relief

Intervertebral disc degeneration (or, what physically causes back pain) is commonly experienced when the discs in your back break down due to normal wear and tear such as prolonged sitting.  When this happens, the disks in your back lose their cushioning ability which, in turn, causes you to feel pain.  The Karma Air Cushion eases back pain by relieving pressure put on the spine due to that lack of cushioning.


Travel Friendly

The Karma air cushion can be transported effortlessly using the free “tote bag”. So compact the Karma Air Cushion can fit in a pocketbook briefcase or backpack. Free up  Free up all that precious travel weight and space for other essentials.  Just don't forget your Karma Air Cushion as you'll need it.

Unique Air Valve System

"Do the Twist"

You won't regret it!  That's right, with only a simple valve twist, you are on your way to back comfort, any time, any place.  The Karma Air Cushion has a unique air valve system unlike any other you'll find in today's market.  Most cushions are designed to alleviate back pain are made non-adjustable and are too rigid and cumbersome to transport.  Karma Air Cushion solves these problems because we understand that no two ‘bottoms’ are the same. Our cushion conforms to your specific body, allowing your body weight to distribute evenly, ensuring lasting comfort.

Any time Anywhere

Any time Anywhere Karma Air Goes Where You Go

You already know that the Karma Air Cushion is light, portable and affordable.  Did you know that the Karma Air Cushion comes in two convenient sizes? Standard size is 18" x 15" x 2" and Large size is 20" x 16" 2.5". So that no matter what surface you're sitting on, you're getting maximum comfort and support.  That's right!  You can use the Karma Air Cushion on long drives, plane rides, or sitting at your desk.  You'll get outstanding comfort lounging around at a picnic, relaxing in front of the television or sitting at a football game. Imagine back comfort all the time. Buy one for your office and one for your house, any purchase of two or more receive free shipping and handling.

Wherever you are and no matter how small the space, either one of Karma Air's two convenient sizes is sure to provide the satisfaction you need, when you need it.

Durable and Water Resistant

Durable and Waterproof

Planning on hanging poolside with your Karma Air Cushion?  No problem!  The Karma Air Cushion is both durable and waterproof.  Its micro suede fiber is resistant to spills and easily repels stains caused by dirt and other assailants.  Just give your Karma Air Cushion a quick wipe with a damp cloth and it's as good as new!